Art is my way of speaking hundreds of languages without saying a word.

Nina Fileshi

A traditional art education

My name is Nina Fileshi and I was born in the Republic of Moldova. When I was eight years old, the "Transnistria conflict" caused my family to flee to Russia.

Although I came from a humble background, I was privileged to receive a traditional art education: drawing, composition, various painting techniques, sculpture and History of Art. Our art teacher used to say, "If you paint a rainy day, I need to be able to smell the rain. If you draw an apple, I have to taste the apple. When you paint a glass, I need to hear the sound of glass. I see what you draw, but as long as I don't smell, taste or hear anything, you will not pass the exam".

I left home when I was eighteen and went to Germany (Hamburg) for the first time. I didn't have much, but I had many dreams.

Creativity as a way of life

I studied law, learned languages and dedicated myself to my career, specialising in the prevention and investigation of financial crime. I carried out hundreds of investigations and made hundreds of drawings. But - what does an investigation have in common with art?

Every investigation is just like an artwork: it requires a plan, a lot of discipline and creativity, the process is different every time, it is always a challenge and goes hand in hand with the constant development of my personality. Creativity is fundamental to both areas. Being creative isn't a hobby for me, it's a way of life!

It's the simple things in life

When I was eighteen, walking past a shop window in Hamburg, I saw a drawing set. I wanted it so much. This set cost 12€ at the time, which was simply 12€ too much for me. So I went on.

When I recently bought paint and pens, I saw the exact same set that I couldn't afford previously. When I bought the pens, I burst into tears, because my dream had come true.

The best things in life do not cost much but are nevertheless priceless.